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Requests To Avoid From Your Home Inspection

pool photoWhen it’s time for you to buy a home, you probably already know you’ve got a home inspection coming up in the near future. It’s very important to get a home inspection done before you finalize anything in the home buying process, but just because the inspection turns up some problems, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on the seller to solve all of them. Check out the list below to help you figure out which home inspection issues you can take care of yourself instead of risking losing the home of your dreams by asking the seller to do it for you.

Cosmetic issues in the home or yard:  No home is going to look perfect when you buy it, especially if it’s been lived in previously. It’s unrealistic to expect the seller to take care of cosmetic problems, especially if those problems are subjective. Even if it’s something everyone agrees on, such as paint that’s chipping badly on the exterior of the home, plan to take care of this yourself.

Removal of external buildings:  If you buy a home that has sheds other small external buildings on the property, you usually shouldn’t talk to the seller about removing them before you buy. In some cases, the seller will be fine with it, but in a seller’s market it’s usually best to assume you’ll need to take care of this on your own.

Outlets that don’t work:  There are usually outlets in older homes that don’t work, but this is something you can take care of yourself after you purchase the home. This isn’t something to get hung up on when you’re trying to make a deal with the seller, especially since it’s a low-cost fix.

Concrete floor cracks:  Cracks in concrete floors or sidewalks are to be expected, especially if you’re looking at an older property. As long as there are no cracks in the walls, you should have no issues going on if you see concrete floor cracks. Always have a home inspection to determine if there are any structural issues you need to know about.

Repairs under $100:  Even a home that’s only a few months old probably has something going on that could stand to be fixed or upgraded, but if you’re trying to get your seller to take care of little things under $100 per repair, try taking a step back. Think of it from the seller’s perspective. Would you want to deal with a buyer who is making a lot of unnecessary requests before signing?

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