5 Reasons to Live in Your Home Before Renovating

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience! You’re filled with anticipation and excitement to finally create a space that truly reflects you and your family.  

Whether this is your first time becoming a homeowner or you’ve owned in the past, it’s natural to want to start making changes right away. However, we recommend that you live in your new home for at least a few months before renovating. 

Here are five reasons why you should wait before making any renovations to your new home. 

You’ve Had Enough Stress Already – Moving can be an incredibly stressful time. From packing up all your belongings to signing the paperwork and unpacking everything in your new home – it can take quite a toll on you both mentally and physically. That’s why you should give yourself some time to settle in before starting any major renovations. It will give you the opportunity to get used to living in the new home without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by the renovation process.  

You Need Time To Plan – Renovations don’t happen overnight, and they require careful planning and thought so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. If you jump right into renovating after moving into the new home, you may not have had enough time to consider all of your options or think through every detail of the project. Giving yourself extra time will ensure that you make well-thought-out decisions that lead to successful renovations that last for years.  

Moving Has Strained Your Budget – Moving can be expensive, especially if you need professional movers or if you’re relocating across state lines. So, taking some extra time after moving into your new place will help reduce financial stress while also giving yourself more flexibility when it comes time to plan out how much money needs to be allocated towards the renovation projects.  

Living In The Home Can Change Your Mind – Living in the house for 6–12 months gives you plenty of opportunities to get creative with ideas about what could potentially be done with each room in order to make it fit better with your lifestyle and tastes. Often times this leads homeowners to discover new ways they could use certain spaces or decide against doing certain types of renovations altogether because their ideas changed after living in the house for some time. 

Re-Evaluate Your Renovation Choices – Many people end up making rash decisions when it comes time to choosing materials or deciding which rooms need renovating first–only later regretting their choices because they didn’t give enough consideration during the planning phase. Allowing yourself some extra time can help prevent costly mistakes like this from happening by giving you ample opportunity to research different materials and decide which rooms need tackling first before committing anything on paper (or on budget).  

Enjoy Your New Home First – When moving into a new house, taking some extra time before beginning a renovation project is always recommended—especially if it’s been less than 6 months since moving day! While it might be tempting to jump right into transforming each room as quickly as possible, waiting until after you settle in will give you ample time for planning, save money on unnecessary expenses due to poor decision making, provide insight on how best to utilize specific rooms based on lifestyle habits, plus offer plenty of chances re-evaluate any potential choices made along the way.

All these reasons will ensure that every renovation decision made is one that won’t soon be regretted!

Budgeting For Home Project Ideas

Is there a word that sucks the fun out of a household project faster than the word “budget?” If there is, I haven’t heard it. The only way to make the budgeting process less painful is to plan ahead! Keep these four tips from the National Kitchen & Bath Association in mind if you have a home renovation project – large or small – in the works any time soon.

↪️ Avoid making structural changes to your property. Cosmetic updates are usually more cost-efficient than things like moving walls or systems.

↪️ If you place an order for materials or products, try not to change your mind! You don’t want to pay hefty cancellation fees or wind up stuck with 60 boxes of hardwood floors you don’t want.

↪️ Be super specific when you do comparison shopping. Make sure you’re comparing similar types of appliances or fixtures.

↪️ If you can do a showroom visit in person, always go! It’s better to see your materials in person than online to guide your decision.

What’s the next home project you’re planning on doing – large or small?

Staging Your Backyard to Sell

Staging a property before going on the market benefits everyone – it helps home buyers imagine the potential to make a home their own, and it helps increase the ROI (return on investment) for home sellers. A backyard can be a huge draw for home buyers, even more so when they can picture having the neighbors over for cookouts, entertaining friends around the fire pit, or lounging by the pool.

DEEP CLEAN Deep cleaning and decluttering to make your backyard look spacious and comfortable!

REFRESH LANDSCAPING Landscaping is everything when it comes to creating a polished and inviting outdoor space. Greenery and a few flower beds will liven up any yard or patio.

FURNISH THE SPACE Be intentional about how you furnish your outdoor space. Break large outdoor spaces into cozy vignettes like you would in an indoor living room – Adirondacks around the fire pit, a comfy couch with throw pillows, and a cozy lounge chairs for sunning by the pool.

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Ready to Sell this Spring?

Are you looking to sell your home this Spring? If you answered yes, then here are things you can get started on:

Declutter living areas. Less is more when it comes to getting your house ready to show. Do a clean sweep of counters, windowsills, tables, and all other visible areas, and then tackle behind closed doors: closets, drawers, and cupboards—since virtually nothing is off-limits for curious buyers.

Depersonalize your space. What is the next step on your checklist for selling a house? Sellers should remove distractions so the buyers can visualize themselves and their families living in the property.

Touch up any scuff marks. Even if you’re not doing a full-on repainting project, pay special attention to scrubbing and touching up baseboards, walls, and doors to make the house sparkle and look cared for.

Fix any loose handles. It’s a small thing, but you’d be surprised by the negative effect a loose handle or missing lightbulb can have on a buyer.

Clean, clean, clean. Once you’re done cleaning your house, clean some more. Even if you’re not worried about what buyers will think of your home’s scent, you want your property to look spotless.

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Preparing for Holiday Guests

Are you planning for holiday visitors? Think about what you’d expect to find at a five-star hotel and use that as inspiration for the perfect guest room oasis.

  • Add extra plush accents, like quilted shams, a chunky knit throw blanket, or even a fur or sequined one for a touch of glam.
  • Stock the bathroom with essentials like extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, body lotion, and a festive scented candle.
  • Be sure there is ample storage — especially if your guests have winter gear like coats or boots.
  • You don’t have to deck all of the halls, but a little seasonal greenery goes a long way toward adding holiday cheer.
  • Make sure there are plenty of clean, fresh towels on hand. And — a warm, comfy guest bathrobe to add that extra touch of hotel luxe!

Are you hosting holiday guests this year, or are you traveling?

Create a Welcoming Entryway

First impressions are everything and an organized entryway can impact the entire experience a buyer has when they tour your house. Even if you’re not on the market and simply want to present your home well to guests, here’s how to create a foyer or entryway that says “Welcome Home!”

ADD AN INVITING AROMA The way your home smells is just as – if not more – important than how it looks because it is one of the first things your buyer will notice.

KEEP THE FLOOR CLEAR Create the illusion of more space by keeping the floors free of boots, shoes, backpacks, and other clutter. A clear path can help make the entryway appear cleaner and larger.

MAKE IT PLUSH Rugs instantly add a layer of coziness and placing a rug will make the space feel inviting and welcoming.

Preparing for Cooler Months

Here are a few of our favorite fall home decor tips:

🍂 Light some autumn-scented candles – we love the Brown Sugar Chestnut from Chesapeake Bay Candle Co.

🍂 Layer up your chairs and couches with cozy throws.

🍂 Swap your linen and cotton summer bedding for flannel sheets and a down blanket.

🍂 Bring on the fall florals. Swap the summer blooms for mums and line your mantel heirloom pumpkins and rich autumn-hued flowers.

🍂 Take the sweaters out of storage! If you have to swap your winter and summer clothes, it’s time to take out the sweaters and warmer wear. Even if you don’t need it *quite* yet, you’ll be glad you did as soon as those chilly mornings arrive.​

Tips to Keep Your Home Sanitized

If you are getting a little tired of soaping up and sanitizing during the ongoing pandemic, we have some tips to help you keep your homes safe and families healthy:

1) Before you disinfect surfaces, do a quick pre-clean to remove any visible dust, dirt, or grime.

2) Use your cleaner or disinfectant exactly as directed on the packaging.

3) After disinfecting, let the surface air dry. It needs to stay wet for as long as is recommended in order to kill germs properly!

4) When disinfecting food contact surfaces or children’s toys, rinse them with water once they have air-dried.

5) Throw disinfectant wipes in the garbage — don’t flush them!

cleaning house

Home Projects with Maximum ROI

Do you ever come home to your perfectly nice house and just have the urge to redesign all the things? Sometimes I think about __________ or __________ (redoing our kitchen/finally putting a spa tub in the master bathtub/building a pool).

If you have the urge to make some changes to your home this year, it’s always good to keep ROI in mind. Sure, there are plenty of projects that are purely for enjoyment (like that spa tub!) but here are a few home improvements that can actually improve the resale value of your home:

  • 🔨 Minor Kitchen Remodel
  • 🔨 Minor Bathroom Remodel
  • 🔨 Exterior Improvements
  • 🔨 Garage Door Replacement
  • 🔨 Paint in a Neutral Palette

What is one home improvement project that you would love to tackle this year, practical or not?

house painting

10 Things Every Homeowner Should Know How To Do

There are ten things every homeowner should know how to do…because chances are, you’re going to have to learn them eventually and a lot of us learn them the hard way! Take a peek at this list:

1-Change your own HVAC filters. 

2-Unclog a drain without using chemicals. 

3-File a property tax appeal. 

4-Shut off your water main line. 

5-Clean out the dryer vent. 

6-Find the studs in your walls. 

7-Protect hardwood floors from furniture. 

8-Clear out the gutters. 

9-Reset a circuit breaker after a blown fuse. 

10-Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

How many of these can you do? What would you like to learn?