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Burglary Deterrence Tips

We’ve all read the statistics about property crimes, and regardless of how the economy is doing, home burglaries are an unfortunate steady constant in today’s society.  There are some simple things you can do, however, to minimize the risk that your home will be a target.  In no particular order of importance:

  1. Unlocking a front door photoIncrease visibility of your home from the curb.  In other words, make sure to keep any large bushes or trees that obscure entry places into your home, trimmed back.  All windows and doors should be clearly visible to people on the street, thereby deterring burglars who need discreet ways to enter your home.
  2. Make it difficult for would-be burglars to access your backyard by always keeping side gates latched and locked.  Remove any easy ways to jump these gates, by removing any ladders, outdoor benches or large rocks that are nearby.
  3. Install and use a home security system.  At minimum, install an alarm, but also consider installing security cameras on the exterior of your home.  Nowadays these cameras are relatively inexpensive, and thanks to technological advances, some will send you an alert to your cellphone if anyone comes up your driveway or to your front door.  Whether or not you have an alarm system, just placing a placard from a security alarm company in your front yard is often a sufficient deterrent to potential burglars.
  4. If a burglar were choosing between a house with a dog, and a house without, the house without the dog would be broken into, every single time.  To that end, placing a Beware of Dog sign in your front window is an incredibly inexpensive and effective deterrent to home burglars.
  5. Finally, keep your front door and driveway clear of any pamphlets, newspapers and packages. These signal that you may not be home, and make your home an easy target for those wishing to enter without your lawful consent.

I’m happy to give you more tips specific to your own home.  Burglaries are crimes that can and should be prevented.

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