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Painting Home Exterior

Thanks to Arizona’s dry and hot temperatures, and more days of sun than not, painting the exterior of your home is of critical importance.  Whether you are living in the home of your dreams, or you’re listing your current home for sale, there are some factors that will determine when and how you paint the exterior of your home.   An improperly or poorly painted home will not bear out a higher sales price.  

S AZ houseAs for how often you should paint the outside of your home in Arizona, the basic rule of thumb is every 5-10 years.  The determining factors here are the type of paint that was used, as well as the orientation of the home in terms of direct sunlight.  If the original paint was not 100% acrylic, the paint job will not last much longer than 5-7 years.  Paint that is of higher quality and 100% acrylic should last at least 8-10 years, with proper application.  Again, if your intention is to prepare your home for sale, then you may not want to go with the more expensive 100% acrylic paint.

Proper preparation of the exterior of your home for painting is critical for the application of the paint to be successful, and to look good.  Many of the homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale are stucco, due to its durability in the desert climate.  Stucco needs to be cleaned very well before painting, so be sure that a wire brush is used to remove sand and loose paint before the painting begins.  A pressure washer should also be used to remove surface dirt and grime, and all holes and cracks must be patched.  A paint sprayer is typically used on stucco exteriors, with the trim being painted by brushes and rollers.

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