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Pool Safety

McDowell Mountain Ranch Park and Aquatic Center photoAs we’re fully immersed in the heat of summer, there will be more and more days spent in the pool.  Critical to enjoyment and relaxation is making sure the pool experience is a safe one for everyone involved.  Here are a few tips to help you maximize pool safety this summer, courtesy of the American Red Cross:

  1. Install a physical barrier to your pool, especially if children have access to your backyard and/or pool.  A 5-feet high fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate is the legal minimum (Source: here. )   Also consider placing a safety cover on the pool or hot tub when not in use, and remove any ladders or steps used for access. Pool alarms may offer a secondary layer of security and peace of mind.
  2. Supervise children at all times, and be in physical proximity to kids (with arm’s reach) at all times.  When enjoying the pool in large groups, make sure to designate one person to actively watch the children.
  3. Consider swimming lessons for young children, either through private companies or your local Parks and Recreation Department.
  4. Establish and enforce swimming pool rules such as “walk, not run, near the pool” and “no diving.”
  5. Make sure adults near the pool understand how to respond to emergencies by having appropriate safety equipment and taking water safety, first aid and CPR courses from the Red Cross.

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