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The Importance of Home Inspections

scottsdale home for saleAfter searching for that perfect home on, you have finally found the perfect fit for you and your family! Everything looks great, but have you really done a thorough inspection? Like most home buyers you probably aren’t an expert on air conditioning units or roofs. This is why it’s necessary to call in an expert to uncover any potential problems that you cannot see.

Having the home you are about to purchase go through an inspection is very important. It may bring up potentially very expensive problems before you sign on that dotted line. If the seller is made aware of these problems they can be fixed prior to closing or a negotiating tool for you. For example, a home inspector will check the roof for broken tiles, signs of deterioration, loose flashing, sagging or if it is wooden, any signs of rotting. All of these can be costly fixes and you don’t want to move in without knowing about such problems.

Foundations are another important part of an inspection. An inspector will check for cracking, signs of water, bulging or bowing, and other irregularities. Here in Arizona we depend on a fully functioning air conditioner to get us through most of the year in comfort. These are very costly to replace so an inspector will check out the unit for signs of rust and corrosion, any electrical damage, or wear and tear. If the unit was regularly serviced it is likely it will last longer than a unit that has been neglected. You really want to know what kind of life expectancy you can expect out of the unit in your new home.

Some other things that a home inspector might not look for, but you may want to call in an expert to check out, are things like pests (termites in particular), lead paint, asbestos, and toxic mold. Usually a person checking these types of things is licensed to do so.

Remember there is a lot more to purchasing a home than what you see on the surface. If you take a few extra precautions, that new home you purchased will be the best thing you ever did! Have more questions? Give us a call! Chris 480-754-9077 & Cheryl 480-754-9477