Things to Look for at an Open House

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Are you getting ready to go to open houses? Looking at open houses is one of the many ways you may choose to work with your realtor to find the perfect home for your family. Yet, an open house is different from an individual home showing, and the things you’re looking for may be quite a lot different in this situation. In an individual showing, you’ll be better able to look closely at potential problem areas or things you want to think about, but in an open house, you’ll need to focus on a handful of factors during the time you spend touring the home.

Look At The Floors
You’re probably busy looking around at all the features of the home you’re viewing, but don’t forget to stop and look down every now and then, too. If there are tile floors that look as though they were laid in a DIY project rather than by a professional, you may want to consider the potential issues that could come along with this. Of course, any DIY job isn’t always a sign of something wrong, but it does mean you should keep it in consideration.

Maintenance Issues
Does the home look like it’s been kept up well, or does it appear to be lacking maintenance? Are there a lot of burned-out bulbs, dirty light fixtures, outlets mixing covers, cracks in the decorative molding, or other similar issues? Maintenance problems usually indicate that the homeowners haven’t been keeping up with more serious repairs around the home either.

Mold And Water Damage
Always be on the lookout for mold and water damage. If you notice a discolored spot on the ceiling, it’s likely a water leak and you should ask about it. If you see mold, bring this up as well.

Foundation Problems
You probably won’t be able to get a great look at the foundation while you’re looking around at an open house, but you can check the inside and outside walls for cracks. Small hairline cracks aren’t really an issue, because these are normal with older homes regardless of their quality. However, if you notice very large cracks, especially those that go from floor to ceiling, you may want to move on to the next open house.

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