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Trends in Tile Flooring in 2017

Whether you are thinking about selling your home, or just want to update your current home, taking a look at current trends in tile flooring is a great way to make sure your home is updated and on par with today’s trends and styles. Tile is a perennially popular option for flooring thanks to it being so low maintenance. From pet owners to parents to allergy sufferers, everyone loves tile floors for bathrooms and kitchens, and often throughout the home.

wood tile photoOne major design trend in tile flooring is the wood-look plank style flooring that can be seen all over design blogs, in home improvement stores and on HGTV home design shows. These tile planks come in a wide range of colors, textures and sizes. While most of these tiles do mimic the look of wood floors very well, be careful if you venture into lower price ranges as some of these tiles tend to look too busy and “plastic”. Also, try to avoid larger or wider grout lines, as these detract from the wood look you will desire. The way these tiles are laid is also important, as the way they are set can convey a variety of styles from rustic to modern.

Another tile trend is the use of more modern larger format tiles, such as 24 x 24 inches. No longer do homeowners want or desire smaller 12 x 12 tiles, as the larger the better. These larger tiles tend to make rooms look larger and more open. Other larger tile sizes are 12 x 24 tiles. These can be laid in a brick pattern or laid straight, either of which will modernize a room. Some homeowners are mixing sizes of tiles, but be careful here as a busy pattern on the tile mixed with a varied size of tile may not result in the look you desire.

Finally, consider the color of tile when you are narrowing down the tile options. Beiges and browns are still on trend, and are staying the course with classic, traditional looks as well as more modern looks as they are a perfect neutral. But gray tiles in both warm and cool tones are absolutely on trend as well. Gray is currently the “it” color in the design world, and paired with a more traditional tile style, should stay the course of design trends should you desire to sell your home down the road. I’d be happy to share my opinions in this regard.

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