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Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

living room photoIf you’re planning to sell your Scottsdale area home, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind. You may start to feel pretty overwhelmed with all the ins and outs of selling a home, and you might overlook one of the most important steps: staging your house before you ever start showing it. Home buyers are much less likely to purchase a messy home that hasn’t been properly staged, so putting a little effort into the look and feel of your house is sure to go a long way toward helping you make that sale quickly. Below are our top 4 tips for perfect home staging, even if you’re working on a budget.

De-Clutter Your Space: Cut back on the clutter throughout your home to help make the space look a lot more inviting. Even if it seems comfortable and cozy to you, others may not agree, and you’ll be a lot better off and make a better impression on potential home buyers if you reduce the clutter. Even if you have to put it all in boxes in the attic or garage for the time being, try to get it out of the living spaces.

Work on Curb Appeal:  Although the weather in Scottsdale can make a big difference when it comes to what you can do with your yard, be sure you showcase the beauty of your home and how it fits into the excellent natural mountain and desert surroundings. Clean your house with a power washer, be sure it’s freshly painted or at least doesn’t show signs of a lot of wear and tear on the outside, and prune any plants in your yard. Plant fresh flowers if your yard is a little barren.

Set the Table:  There’s no need to lay out a full-course table setting for six or eight people, but if you set your table in an inviting way, this is sure to drive more interest in your home. Keep the dining area clean and clear of clutter, and put out around four table settings with an interesting centerpiece that matches your room’s style. This is a little design trick that can make a big difference.

Stage Around Area Events:  Let local events do the talking for you, or at least work with them to help drive more interest in your home. Plan an open house or be sure your home is on the market in time for big area events that draw large crowds, or pick up some interesting décor to place around your home during smaller local happenings. Head to the Old Town Farmer’s Market, for example, and bring home some fresh fruit or flowers grown locally to help spruce up your interior for just a few dollars.

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