Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

pumpkin pieRegardless of whether you want to try cooking a new Thanksgiving dish or sticking to your reliable menu, preparing for Thanksgiving dinner is an overwhelming event that rarely goes without unavoidable mishap.

The Turkey Won’t Thaw – Defrosting a turkey takes quite a while. Regardless of whether you neglected to remove the turkey from the freezer in time, or still have a half frozen bird, place it in a sink loaded with cold water, changing the water at regular intervals until it is defrosted. The turkey will take around 30 minutes for each pound to defrost in the sink.

The Turkey Is Undercooked – Grill it, roast it, deep-fry it, smoke it or brine it, cooking a turkey is at the center of Thanksgiving meal preparation. Most cooks fear slicing into a Thanksgiving turkey to find it still uncooked! You can rescue the circumstance via cutting off and serving the parts that are cooked, and putting the rest back in the broiler while everybody eats.

The Turkey Is Overcooked – Well, at least it’s done! You can alwasys salvage an overcooked turkey by smothering it in gravy.

Not Enough Room at Your Table – If hosting Thanksgiving dinner pushes the limits of your home’s ability to accommodate guests, then it’s time to get creative. Once all the seats at the dining room table and folding card tables are taken, start putting people around the coffee table, or seat children on a blanket on the floor, picnic-style.

Not Enough Food – A key part of your Thanksgiving dinner should be making sure you have plenty of food. In the event you have more guests than expected, whip up some extra mashed potatoes, soup, stuffing, rice or pasta!

You’ve Forgotten a Key Ingredient – Google “substitute for” and whatever it is you’re short of and recipe substitutions will be your new best friend on Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, the most important part of Thanksgiving is the time spent with loved ones. Year from now, your kitchen mistakes will be only an amusing story to tell at the next Thanksgiving dinner!