Cool Summer Indoors Activities

As summer arrives, Phoenix is renowned for its scorching temperatures, making it understandable that you may be seeking enjoyable indoor activities to escape the heat. Here are some exciting indoor options to explore in the Phoenix-Metro area during the extreme summer weather:

Discover museums: Arizona boasts numerous captivating museums. Immerse yourself in the Musical Instrument Museum in North Phoenix, the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, or the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa.

Embark on escape room adventures: Engage in an exhilarating escapade by tackling an escape room challenge. These interactive puzzles and mystery-solving games offer an excellent way to spend quality indoor time with friends or family. United Escapes of America in Tempe features five rooms of varying difficulty, and a bonus is that it’s within walking distance of many fantastic Tempe restaurants!

Enjoy bowling: Delight in the timeless indoor activity of bowling. Many venues offer cosmic bowling, complete with music and blacklights to enhance the fun. Bowlero in North Scottsdale is an excellent option to try out.

Jump into indoor trampoline parks: Leap, bounce, and flip at indoor trampoline parks. These parks typically feature various trampolines, foam pits, dodgeball, and other entertaining activities.

Challenge your skills at gaming arcades: Engage in friendly competition with your friends at a gaming arcade. Enjoy a wide range of arcade games, air hockey, racing games, and more. Dave & Busters has a great selection of popular games and can be found in Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, and Queen Creek.

Remember, even when enjoying indoor activities, it remains crucial to stay hydrated in Arizona’s summer heat!

Summer Nights at the Royal Palms Resort

As the sun sets in the desert, the nighttime energy comes alive at the Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix’s Arcadia neighborhood. Mark your calendars for a themed experience all summer long. Join us on the last Friday of the month, May-August, for an evening filled with specialized menu creations and live music to complete the vibes.

Friday, May 28 – Latin Night

6:30 pm Doors Open

7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Live Music from La Dignidad

Friday, June 25 – Reggae Summer Nights

6:30 pm Doors Open

7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Live Music from Hourglass Cats

Friday, July 30 – Blues Brews & BBQ

6:30 pm Doors Open

7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Live Music from The Sugar Thieves

Friday, August 27 – Jazz Under the Stars

6:00 pm Doors Open

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm Live Music from House of Stairs

Admission is $40 per person, inclusive of live music and tapas. No reservations required, tickets are sold at the door the night of each event. Specialty beverages will be available for purchase.


Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

backyard photo

As summer quickly approaches, we all like to head out of town to relax and enjoy some cooler weather. The last thing you want to do while on vacation is stress about the security of your home and everything you love that is inside of it.  Living in the safest areas will provide some sense of security, but let’s be realistic, crime can happen anywhere!  Here are some tips to keeping your home safe.

-Hire a house or pet sitter. Having someone come in your home on a regular basis while you are away is a great way to deter crime. It leaves the illusion that you are home or at the very least someone is coming in and out at varying times. This option can be a little costly but may be well worth it.
-Have the post office hold your mail while away. They are able to do this for 3 to 30 days. This is especially a good idea when your mail box is on your property.
-Invest in some timers for your lights. Head over to the local home improvement store pick up a few timers and set them to go on and off every day while away.  Again gives the illusion someone is home.
-Have your landscaping taken care of if you’ll be gone for a while.  If your lawn is starting to get overgrown it is a good indication no one has been around to take care of it.
-Check your locks on everything before heading out.  It is easy to forget this simple step.  You may have opened a window and forgotten to lock it afterward, go through everything and check.
-Keep your social media announcements about traveling to a minimum. It’s fun to tell good friends and family of your travels, but be wary about posting your every move, you just never know who could be reading it. Save the photos of your trip to post till after you’re home.
-If parking in long term parking at the airport do not leave your GPS or garage door opener in the car.  A thief could break into your car and GPS their way back to your house and click your garage door open.
-Having a home security system is a great way to have your home monitored while away.  It can also detect fire or carbon monoxide.  Some systems are so advanced now you can have it programmed to turn on lights and some even have video cameras so you can see your home while away.  This would definitely be a long term investment for your home.

Taking just a few extra precautions can really give your home the added protection it needs!

No time for a vacation? Then let’s find your dream home so you feels like you are living on a vacation every day! Chris 480-754-9077 & Cheryl 480-754-9477

Free Summer Activities in Phoenix

got water signSummer is around the corner and there’s always something happening in Phoenix to keep you busy! One of the great things about our region is the variety of outdoor activities that are mainly free and are great if you’re on a budget. 

We’ve rounded up our favorite free activities to take advantage of this summer. 

Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Center

With miles of hiking trails and a variety of views, this somewhat challenging trail is great for hiking-enthusiast looking for a summer adventure.  It’s best to go early, right after sunrise.  Don’t forget to bring LOTS of water, sunscreen and a hat.

Phoenix Art Museum 

You might not know that one of Phoenix’s most popular cultural attractions is free every Wednesday evening, from 3-9 p.m. Stop by and check out the latest exhibit and get your fill of art history. 

Mesa Arts Center

This 212,000-square foot arts center is one of the largest in the state, and free to attend. They host performances, have art galleries and offer one of a kind installations. While performances cost money, walk around the area and check out the art gallery!

Arizona Capital Museum

For the history buff, take a trip to the Arizona Capital Museum to get a picture of Arizona’s early statehood. World War II buffs can browse a USS Arizona display and see artifacts specifically curated from Arizona in WWII. 

Smith Mountain Park 

In the largest municipal park in the world, these crisscrossing trails offer a spectacular view from Dobbins Lookout Point at 1,200 feet. From there, check out Happy Valley and go through Spring Mountain Park.

Apache Trail

Looking for a road trip in your own backyard? Check out Apache Trail. One of the most scenic drives in Arizona, it features scenic stops and great desert life along the way. Don’t forget to check out Goldfields Ghost Town for a spooky tour in Arizona’s gold rush land.