Crazy Monsoon Storms This Year!

monsoon clouds photoHow about the monsoon storms this year, folks!  Have you experienced any property damage yet?  We have trees blocking our neighborhood roads in North Scottsdale and our neighbor’s pool toys ended up in ours last night.  It’s been impossible to get a hold of my landscaper to get him to clear my driveway of debris and broken branches.  Those guys must be swamped this time of the year!  So, in light of the recent crazy storms that continue to sweep through the valley, I wanted to remind you of some important precautions to avoid or minimize the damage Monsoon storms can cause:

Invest In Gutters

A typical Phoenix home may not have them already, but they are crucial for diverting those buckets of rain away from your foundation. Install downspouts that will direct water away from the home, and clean them periodically (especially after each storm) to remove debris.

Secure The Roof

There’s nothing wrong with calling in a pro for this one, because there’s nothing worse than springing a leak in the middle of a powerful storm. Call in now before it becomes a crisis, and make sure the roofer checks for loose areas, picks up debris and seals gaps. 

Tidy Up Trees And Plants

Landscaping in the summer heat is never fun, but take a cooler morning hour to trim any overgrown and errant branches on your trees, and secure the stakes on young ones. The wind is especially unforgiving to palo verdes and mesquites that have been thinned out too much, causing more pressure on individual branches to snap. If in doubt, consult a professional. One more tip: Excessively moist soil is another culprit for trees toppling over in winds. Check the forecast and lower your watering schedule in advance of a monsoon.

Power Preparedness

Do you know where your electrical panel is? In case of a blackout during a power surge, you should be able to find the circuit breaker without issue. Make sure big electronics like your computer and appliances have surge protectors, and stock an emergency kit for any extended outages with a flashlight, batteries and water. 

After Care

The day after a storm hits is an important time to take stock and reset your yard for the next one. Remove any debris, branches, roof tiles or other casualties, clean out the gutters, check on your drainage strategy, and change the air filter on the AC if it’s clogged with dust (you should be changing it regularly once a month in the summer).

Monsoons and summer storms bring much-needed rain but they can create havoc.  We have seen some amazing storm photos on social media.  Did you capture any?  We’d love to hear from you and see!

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