5 Quick Bathroom Updates to Sell a Home Faster

modern bathroom photoIs your hoe not selling as fast as you would like, or are you getting ready to list your home for the first time? Either way, you’re probably looking for a way to get your property to snag the interest of potential buyers. There are a lot of different upgrades and changes you can make to your home to encourage people to look twice and even to make an offer, but the bathroom is a great place to get started with these. Check out the list below and see for yourself just how quick and easy it is to make some upgrades that will make your home sell faster than you may have expected.

New Lighting
Replace old, outdated, dirty, or damaged light fixtures with new ones that will make the space look bright and inviting. Be sure to choose something that matches the hardware and faucets in your bathroom to create a cohesive look. Always make sure the bulbs are new and functioning before showing your home.

New Paint
You may want to consider repainting everything in the bathroom, depending on what’s already there. A fresh coat of neutral colored paint on the walls and attention to repainting the trim around the bathroom can make a huge difference in its appeal to a buyer. Be sure to paint the cabinets if this is relevant to your particular bathroom, too.

New Hardware
Replace old cabinet handles and door hardware with new, stylish options that match your light fixtures. You may also want to go the extra mile and replace the faucets and showerhead with something new that matches and creates a flowing look throughout the bathroom space, too.  This is definitely recommended if you still have brass hardware and fixtures.

New Toilet
A new toilet may be the most expensive change you’ll want to make before trying to sell your home, but it can go a long way toward encouraging buyers to take a second look. Toilets are one of those pieces of your home that just do not age very well, but a nice, fresh, new toilet in an otherwise upgraded and clean bathroom will wow your potential buyers and give them the feeling of getting an added bonus if they decide to buy.

New Shelves
Many bathrooms are woefully lacking in storage space. By adding new shelves to yours, you may be giving your buyers something they truly want in a bathroom. Build shelves into existing cabinetry or hang durable shelves from the walls to give your bathroom some more storage options all around.

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