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Sports Leagues for Kids

School is starting up again, and the dog days of summer are wrapping up.  With the eventual decline in high temperatures also comes the beginning of many sports seasons for kids.  Here in the Valley of the Sun, children have many different sports leagues from which to choose.  One such option is your city’s parks and recreation department.  For example, Phoenix Parks and Recreation department offers a multitude of sports leagues for children, including basketball, soccer and swimming.

Scottsdale sports complex photoAnother option to consider is checking out any of the local Boys and Girls clubs in the Valley.  With dozens of locations, there’s sure to be a club near you.  The Boys and Girls Club which serves Scottsdale and north Phoenix hosts several different leagues including girls’ volleyball, flag football, soccer and basketball.  These leagues require a reasonably-priced annual membership to the Boys and Girls club, but said membership entitles your child to play in any of the associated leagues.

There are a multitude of privately-owned sports leagues throughout the Valley of the Sun.  Two of the more popular options are HUB Sports and i9 Sports.  HUB Sports, formerly Simply Sports, features many different programs from swimming lessons and swim teams, multi-sports activity camps and soccer leagues (from age 2 and up).  Another privately-owned sports program is i9 Sports.  This company features a multitude of locations as well as sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball and flag football.

Finally, your child’s school will offer various sports programs, giving them the opportunity to try out different sports at a lower-price point.  Oftentimes these programs are hosted directly by the school district itself, and other times a private company is brought in, along with their coaches and equipment, to conduct a mini-sports league program for various ages and grades.

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