Spookiest Haunted Houses

halloweenReady to be spooked? Grab some brave friends to check out the Valley’s spookiest haunted houses! Too busy trick-or-treating on Halloween? Last to be spooked will be Saturday, November 2nd, 2019.

Fear Farm
Fear Farm is Phoenix’s largest outdoor haunted house. There are six themed attractions, including “Bunker: The Arrival”, “Slaughterhouse”, “Pumpkin Witch”, “Fallout”, “The Plague” and “Haunted Corn Maze: The Reaping.” Extras this year: carnival games and mini escape rooms.
Details: 2209 N. 99th Ave., Phoenix. $24.99-$32.99 in advance, $1 more on the day of, $3 more at the door. Add $10 for fast pass, $20 to skip the line.

13th Floor Haunted House
This may be the most intricate haunted house in Phoenix, and it gets a fresh look every year, but some rooms stay the same, including the surprisingly disorienting “tilt room” and a haunted mansion that was preserved from a legendary haunted house in Utah. This year’s attractions are “Rise of the Dead” and “Creature Feature,” an homage to classic movie monsters.
Details: 2814 W. Bell Road, Phoenix. $24.99-$32.99 in advance, $1 more on the day of, $3 more at the door. Add $10 for fast pass, $20 to skip the line.

Scarizona Scaregrounds
Scarizona Scaregrounds has not just one, but five haunted houses: Operation: Zombie Storm, Virtual Terror, Epic Fear, Slayer’s Slaughter House and Startled Darkness. The website warns to skip Startled Darkness if you don’t like things jumping out at you!
Details: 1901 N. Alma School Road, Mesa. $21.95 (one haunt) to $36.95 (all five attractions). Add $10 for fast pass, $20 to skip the line.

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