Searching for Senior Housing in the Valley of the Sun

When it’s time to search for senior housing, either for your loved one or for yourself, the options can be overwhelming. How does one begin to do the research and choose from the multitude of housing here in the Valley of the Sun?

s grayhawk condosThe Internet has absolutely made this often-stressful project much, much easier. Typing “senior housing” followed by the city in which you’d like to conduct your search (for example: senior housing Scottsdale) in your search engine will reveal multiple websites which list senior housing options. Using the map option on these websites, or even in the search engine main page, can be very helpful when it comes to finding senior housing within a few miles of relatives or friends, or even doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Many of these websites will also break down the types of housing into whatever is relevant to your search. For example, are you looking for housing simply for seniors age 60 and above? Or are you looking for independent senior living, or assisted living, or continuing care? There are also specific housing options for seniors coping with Alzheimer’s. Once you’ve narrowed down your search parameters to the relevant types of housing, you can sometimes read reviews of these properties, left by seniors who reside at these properties, and their friends and family members. While these reviews, like any reviews, should be taken with a grain of salt and a bit of healthy skepticism, they can be helpful in weeding out some properties that may obviously have too many issues with patient care, for example.

Some websites you may find helpful in your search include:,, Of course, I’m also available to help you with your search for property in any senior living communities.

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