Tuscan home photo

How To Quickly Update Tuscan Style Homes

Tuscan home photoIn the early 2000s, home decorators heavily installed and implemented uber-popular Tuscan décor in their clients’ homes.  This style is represented by dark wood furniture, rich fabrics, gold and darker brown color schemes, and intricate ironwork.  While this style is still arguably beautiful, and works in some homes, in many homes, Tuscan style appears outdated.  Simply put, most buyers today aren’t drawn toward the more formal, darker and heavier style that goes hand in hand with Tuscan décor.

So, if you’re currently living in a Tuscan-style home, but want to broaden the appeal of your home to prospective buyers, you may want to consider some of these tips to tone down the Tuscan décor.  First, consider repainting your walls and trim, especially if they are in a gold tone with dark trim.  Simply applying fresh paint in a lighter taupe or gray-beige, and bright white or even creamy ivory on the trim, will go a long way toward brightening and updating your home.   Carrying this light and bright paint color through to your kitchen cabinets (if they’re a dark wood) will also help to update your home’s style.

Another simple way to convert your Tuscan-style décor to a more modern look that appeals to the majority of home buyers is to swap out your décor, such as bedding, curtains and throw pillows.  Replacing any tapestry or dark-colored fabrics with simple, light colored fabrics with minimal design will help update your home’s look instantly.  Lampshades are another inexpensive way to update your home’s look; simply replacing a more ornate lampshade with an unadorned drum shade, even if the base is in a heavier Tuscan style will do wonders.

Finally, with regard to your Tuscan-style home’s fixtures, consider swapping out any heavier iron or bronze lighting fixtures and faucets with lighter brushed nickel or even brushed gold fixtures to update your home’s look.  I’d be happy to walk through your home to give you guidance on how to accomplish this transition from Tuscan to updated.

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