Popular Architectural Styles in Arizona

Arizona is home to many building architectural styles which are influenced by the various cultures that populated Arizona many years ago.  Scottsdale has some noteworthy popular building styles: from Native Indian inspired adobes, Mediterranean style to modern mid-centtury homes that are currently growing in popularity.  Following is an overview of some popular building styles you’ll find throughout the valley:

Contemporary Style

Contemporary homes are increasing in popularity and you’ll find many new constructed and remodeled homes throughout the valley.  Contemporary homes are characterized by open spaces, vaulted ceilings, large windows, untextured walls and simple/minimal styled kitchen and bathrooms. Homes of this style are often built to be environmentally friendly while also using some of the latest home technology to provide comfort. Common materials used in contemporary homes are flat panel wood, glass, steel and compliments mid-century styled furnishings and neutral colors.

Spanish Colonial/Santa Fe Style

Spanish Colonial Style  is very common is Arizona and typically has smaller windows, flat roofs, orange, reds and blue themed tiles and Saltillo tiles.  Many homes have arched doorways and natural wood beams throughout. People often choose wrought iron chandeliers and southwestern styled furnishings, rugs and decorations. The Santa Fe Style is a traditional Southwestern style owing to the warm climate of the region.

Mediterranean Style

One of the most popular architectural styles in Scottsdale area at large is the Mediterranean style homes. Mediterranean styles are also called “Spanish modern” styles as they owe their roots to the homes found in the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Greece, Italy, and France. A Mediterranean style home is characterized by large, arched windows and ornate columns outdoors and realistic, warm color schemes and sand-textured walls.

Ranch Style

Long, L-shaped one-story buildings with inspiration from the Old West are the hallmarks of Ranch-style homes. A lot of the furniture in these homes is made of leather  with the floors totally covered with carpet. While the fireplace may be made from piled bricks, it is easy to move from one end of the house to another due to the openness of the design.

Pueblo Revival Style

This style owes its roots to the homes of the Pueblo Indians during the 8th century. They grew in popularity in the early 20th century. The homes which are also called “Adobe-style” are characterized by the sloping roofs and earthy materials or adobe, which are used in building them.

Tudor Revival Style

Another popular architectural style is the Tudor Revival style. However, they are not so many in the urban regions of the area. These homes are a reference to the English royal architectural style of the Tudor families in the middle-ages. These homes are characterized by their high-pitched roofs and large chimneys.

Spanish Revival Style

The Spanish Revival style or Hacienda-style homes are also common in Scottsdale. Some of the main materials used in making these buildings include tile, stucco, clay, and iron. The homes are also characterized by the exposed beams and multiple arches.

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