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Lighting Fixtures

Whether you are thinking about selling your home, or just want to update your current home, paying attention to your lighting fixtures is a great way to brighten your living areas, as well as make them more current with today’s trends and styles.

updated lighting photoThere’s nothing worse for an agent to walk into a home that shines everywhere but with the lighting fixtures. This is such an easy and often inexpensive fix. With the advent of so many unique and beautiful lighting options, some lighting fixtures can even double as a focal point of the room itself. While you don’t need to have a fancy, expensive chandelier, taking the time to pick out a dramatic lighting fixture in the right space will make your room look amazing.

For example, on trend right now are tiered lighting fixtures. These fixtures are stacked and multi-dimensional and look fantastic in dining rooms. Another dining room lighting fixture that’s becoming very popular are rectangular chandeliers. These can be anything from an industrial chic chandelier to classic crystals or even brushed nickel with Edison bulbs in glass enclosures.

Pendant lighting is a classic fixture over kitchen islands, but are still on trend, especially some of the larger pendant fixtures with 8 or 10 bulbs. Cage pendants are particularly stylish, yet are traditional. Oversized drum lighting fixtures are another fun trend that also read as classic in many rooms, from the living room and bedroom to the dining room and kitchen.

Whatever lighting fixture you choose, be sure to pay attention to finish and scale. While being matchy-matchy with the rest of the fixtures in your rooms (such as door hardware and faucets) isn’t a requirement, keeping in the same tone and color family will create a harmonious design décor. The scale of the fixture is also important. If you choose an oversized lighting fixture for drama, tone done the rest of the surrounding décor so it doesn’t compete with the scale of the fixture. The bottom line, however, is that going light and bright with beautiful lighting fixtures is a win-win proposition for updating your home, or getting it ready for sale to maximize your resale value.

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