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The Importance of Landscape Design

Your home’s curb appeal is the initial advertisement of the home for potential buyers.  After viewing your home on the Internet, potential buyers will then drive by your home.  Implementing a landscape design that will work with the style of your home, the climate and your existing lawn maintenance system is critical to your home-selling success.

curb appeal photoTaking a few simple steps to update and maintain your home’s exterior will invite potential home buyers to come closer to check out all that your home has to offer.  First, take a closer look at your front yard’s landscaping.  Nothing says deferred maintenance like a desert landscape riddled with weeds and overgrown trees.  Pruning and trimming all trees and shrubs will allow potential buyers to actually see your home, and will also demonstrate that the current homeowners care about their property, which is a good sign.   Placing fresh flowers or desert plants in pots near your walkway or front door is also another quick and inexpensive step to freshen up your home’s exterior and landscape.

If you live in a neighborhood where the HOA dictates your landscaping, be sure to take a look at those requirements before listing your home for sale.  For example, DC Ranch requires a certain number and types of plants, trees and bushes.  If any of those die and aren’t replaced, the sale of your home will be held up until they are replanted.  If you don’t have an HOA that requires this to be done, then be sure the plants, trees and bushes are all in good health and are connected to a working drip system or sprinkler system.  These systems will be examined during any home inspection so it’s important that they are in good working order before you list your home for sale.

As your realtors, we can give you more specific advice unique to your home and situation to help you maximize your home’s potential in these areas.  Contact Us!