Why HOAs Are a Good Thing

Homeowners’ Associations, or HOAs, don’t necessarily have the best reputations nowadays.  From the overzealous curb appeal checks (leaving your trash can out a minute too long is a no no!) to the fines for fading paint on your home’s façade, it can certainly be argued that HOAs aren’t every homeowner’s cup of tea.  However, there are some very solid arguments regarding the benefit of these HOAs.

First, depending on the neighborhood of course, HOAs often fund and maintain the community amenities.  Whether your community features gated access or roving security, or community pools and clubhouses, or even pocket parks and sport courts, these amenities are supported and maintained via HOA fees.  The hassle of these fees is often outweighed by the benefits and your enjoyment of these amenities.

Second, HOAs establish and enforce the regulations that ultimately protect the value of your property and home.  Without these regulations, it can be argued that homeowners would not be incentivized to maintain the exterior of their homes, or their landscaping.  Your neighbor cannot do anything to his or her home that would adversely impact the value of your own home, without the threat of and imposition of hefty fines.  Simply taking a drive through a neighbourhood without an HOA, which likely features a few run-down homes, is proof of this argument.

Finally, HOAs often maintain and instil a sense of community.  HOAs can be used to resolve disputes between neighbours without having to involve the local police department.  Many HOAs will organize community events such as carnivals and potlucks.  Other HOAs spearhead neighbourhood watch groups, which help boost neighbourhood security.


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