Grocery Shopping Safety Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

grocery shoppingOur daily routines have definitely over the past month, yet one thing hasn’t changed – our need to eat! Fortunately, grocery stores have been able to stay open, but many are wondering – is it safe to go grocery shopping when supplies are running low or should we opt for delivery?

If you’re planning on ordering your groceries for delivery:
Ask your delivery person to leave the groceries outside your door if contact-less delivery is available. Some services have sections where you can specify how you would like your groceries to be dropped off so, tell the delivery people to leave them outside. If you plan on giving the delivery person a tip, see if you can tip electronically instead of giving cash.

If you’re picking up ordered groceries:
The steps are basically the same for this option as for delivery. If you’ve ordered and are having someone put the groceries in your car in a parking lot, consider opening your car door yourself rather than having the person bringing the items to your car touch the handle. And if you can tip on a supermarket’s app, do so rather than giving cash.

If you’re planning on going to the store:
Try to go when it’s least crowded. Since the virus is mainly transmitted through close contact with other individuals, the key to social distancing is by avoiding large groups of people. Bring sanitizing wipes with you so you can clean any shopping carts or baskets you use and use hand sanitizer after going through the checkout. Many stores are offering special early hours designated for Seniors only.

During this time of social distancing, all of us will need to grocery shop at one time sooner or later. The key is to be smart about how we go about it so we can minimize the risk of spreading the virus. Is there something you need help? Give us a call, we would love to help out! Chris 480-754-9077 & Cheryl 480-754-9477