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Epoxy Flooring – Is it Worth it?

One of the many upgrades or updates that is important when you list your home for sale is whether the garage has epoxy flooring.  Many buyers find this feature to be a definite plus when they are looking for homes.  This is due to its durability, its ease of maintenance and for its good looks.  But, as a homeowner, should you bother to have it installed if it’s good for resale?

Sibbach Scottsdale home photoThere is no right answer to this question.  If you are planning on staying in your home for a while, and you think it will improve the quality of your day-to-day life, by all means, pull the trigger.  If you want to boost the value of your home, be sure to consult with me or another agent to make sure it makes financial sense to your bottom line.

Epoxy floors have come a long way, just in the past few years.  There are even more color options, as well as different types of special effects such as metallic and 3-D effects.  Epoxy flooring isn’t limited to garages, as even screened porches, laundry rooms or hallways can be quickly updated with a coating of epoxy.  Epoxy is installed over concrete, and results in a protective surface that is impervious to stains and moisture.

If your home is being built, definitely ask your new home builder to install it before you move in.  Otherwise, there are dozens of after-market installers in the Valley of the Sun.  If you consider yourself to be the handy type, consider installing it yourself to save money.  Whichever way you go if it’s not a new build, doing the prep work yourself will save costs.  The concrete slab needs to be prepared before the epoxy is applied: grinding or acid-washing the slab are two common ways of insuring the concrete is clean and free of contaminants.  Making sure the concrete is bone-dry is the very last step before install.

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