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Buyer Turn-Offs to Avoid

Here are some of the biggest turn-offs for home buyers (the good news is, they’re all easily avoidable as a seller!).

• A broken doorbell or cracked screen door: Curb appeal starts the second your buyers pull up to your front door. Make sure everything is functional and not broken.

• An outdated kitchen and bathroom: Though you don’t need to do a full renovation, a few changes can go a long way, like new light fixtures or cabinet hardware.

• Dirty carpets, walls, or windows: A deep cleaning prior to listing your home is always a good idea. Have carpets shampooed, walls painted or touched up, and windows washed from the inside and out before inviting buyers into your home.

• Scuffed hardwood floors: If your hardwood floors are in bad shape, your buyers are going to look at them and see dollar signs. Make sure your floors are clean and polished so your buyers won’t need to replace them.