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Budgeting For Home Project Ideas

Is there a word that sucks the fun out of a household project faster than the word “budget?” If there is, I haven’t heard it. The only way to make the budgeting process less painful is to plan ahead! Keep these four tips from the National Kitchen & Bath Association in mind if you have a home renovation project – large or small – in the works any time soon.

↪️ Avoid making structural changes to your property. Cosmetic updates are usually more cost-efficient than things like moving walls or systems.

↪️ If you place an order for materials or products, try not to change your mind! You don’t want to pay hefty cancellation fees or wind up stuck with 60 boxes of hardwood floors you don’t want.

↪️ Be super specific when you do comparison shopping. Make sure you’re comparing similar types of appliances or fixtures.

↪️ If you can do a showroom visit in person, always go! It’s better to see your materials in person than online to guide your decision.

What’s the next home project you’re planning on doing – large or small?