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Best Golf Courses in Scottdale 

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With more than three hundred and thirty days of sunshine each year, Scottsdale certainly provides the best weather for a fun recreational golf game. If you are a golf lover already living in Scottdale, you are probably familiar with some, or all of the golf courses. While playing golf, one thing all of us want is to have as much fun as possible, even professional players can attest to this simple truth.  But, you cannot have a fun game on a bad course – that will only frustrate you.  Also, how can you enjoy a good golf game on a course where you have to spend more than half of the time of play looking for your balls or your opponent’s? That will rub off all the fun from the game. These golf courses listed here gives you enough room to hit your ball and find it easily off the tee. This makes the game more interesting and fun. Remember the aim is to have as much fun as possible!

The following courses are some of the more popular golf courses in Scottdale but that’s just our opinion, we’ll like to hear yours especially if you’ve ever played in a golf course in Scottdale.

1. Troon North ($189-$249)
Troon North is one of the courses in Scottdale. This public course is made up of two courses – Pinnacle Peak course and Monument course. The Pinnacle Peak course is set at the base of a Pinnacle while the Monument course which is considered the better of the two is named after the Monument under the third hole. The Troon North golf course has 36 holes, all designed in desert style by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morris. Both courses provide spectacular views and with tees placed high above fairways. The course also have a few carries and good vistas from the tees making it easier for balls to be found. The Troon North also provides extensive practice facilities, so if you will like a little warm-up before the actual game, you can do so with ease.

2. TPC Scottdale ($108-$299)
The newly renovated TPC’s Champion Stadium and Stadium Course at TPC Scottdale is a course everyone should at least visit once in a while. With great Clubhouses, golf instructions, PGA tour level golf and lots of practice equipment, TPC Scottdale is more than just a golf course, it’s a whole new experience. What’s even more exciting about this course is the finishing stretch which includes two risk-reward holes – one over water (the par-5 15th) and the other drivable (par-4 17th), making every game as dramatic as possible.

3. Camelback Golf Club ($100-$200)

The Camelback golf course features two courses – the Padre course and Ambiente course both of which were recently renovated by Jack Snyder, Hurdzan Fry Environmental Golf Course Design. The renovation have made the courses more Eco-friendly, which is one of the major aim of the renovation in addition to improving the course layout, making it easier for players to keep up with their games. The course features rolling terrains, undulating fairways and cutting drop in elevation. There are no forced carried in any of the courses making it friendly almost every golfers especially beginners.

4. Grayhawk Golf Club 

Grayhawk Golf Club features two great desert courses – the Raptor Course and Grayhawk’s Talon Course. The Raptor course seen as the better of the two courses was designed by Tom Fazio and has been used to host major PGA tour events. The Grayhawk’s Talon Course was designed by David Graham and Gary Panks and features the par-3 17th and the drivable par-4 13th.

Scottsdale provides you with the best clear whether any golfer will ever hope for to play in. So, if you’re planning on visiting Scottsdale or even already in town, don’t miss this opportunity to play in some of the best golf courses in the country.

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