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Arizona Summer Survival Tips

hot air balloon photoThe average temperature in the summer months of Phoenix reaches triple digits — meaning, it’s hot! If you’re experiencing your first summer in the valley, you might be surprised to see temperatures get to 110 degrees and higher!

While the heat can put a damper on some outdoor activities, there are great way to beat the heat and stay cool during the summer. 

Drink lots of water

  • It might seem basic, but with temperatures that high your body needs as much water as possible. If you’re going to be outside for any period of time longer than 10-15 minutes, make sure to bring extra water to ensure you stay hydrated and cool.

Be aware of heat stroke

  • If you’re outside enjoying the weather, watch out for symptoms like muscle cramps, headaches, heavy sweating or nausea. These can be signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If you have to be outside, make sure to wear light colored clothes, have lots of water and put sunscreen on.

Even at night, Phoenix is still hot 

  • Just because the sun sets doesn’t mean it cools down! Evening temperatures can still stay in the 80’s and 90’s. If you’re looking for a cooler setting in the evening, you’ll have to leave the Valley and check out places like Lava River Cave in Flagstaff. 

Don’t forget about the car

  • Your car interior can reach 150 degrees fast. Always double check to ensure pets and children are out of the car, and make sure to get your car checked regularly. Batteries can die much easier with extreme temperatures, so if you notice issues, check as soon as possible to avoid larger issues. 

Phoenix heat is no joke though. Make sure to follow these basic tips when you’re out and about in the summer to stay safe and have fun.  Despite the heat, summer in Phoenix can be a great time to enjoy water activities and events. Stay cool and enjoy the Valley of the Sun in the summer!

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