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10 Reasons to Work with a Local Realtor

-Local Realtors will know why some homes on the same street are worth more than others.

-They can determine accurate prices on specific homes in the neighborhood.

-They may know who previously owned homes in the neighborhood, and why they sold them.

-They know which streets in a neighborhood are more desirable than others.

-They know the listing agents in the area and can negotiate with them and get the inside information.

-They can advise you on which agents take overpriced listings and which take listings at market value.

-They can refer you to local home inspectors, and they know if there are any inspections that should be performed that are specific to the area.

-They know about homeowners associations that may be in the neighborhood, and what their rules and regulations are.

-They know what attributes a buyer in that neighborhood should be seeking.

-They know what you need to know before you even have to ask! 

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